Cleaning Up & Repairing Your Home

Infographic showing debris collection information

Cleaning Up & Repairing Your Home

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On August 28, 2017, the Emergency Operations Center was deactivated after 4 days of operations for Hurricane Harvey. Community Services surveyed the city for debris. Almost all the debris is vegetative, consisting of everything from plants and leaves to whole trees. There are many debris disposal options immediately available for residents.

Green Waste Cart

Any vegetative debris that is smaller than 5” in diameter can be put in the resident’s green waste cart and paper yard bags. Staff will have 500 paper yard bags available for any resident that wants to pick them up at our office (401 E Hopkins), limit 4 per residence. Residents can put as many paper yard bags as they want next to their green waste cart on service day. 

Trash day
Green Waste Service dates
Monday and Tuesday August 30 and September 13
Wednesday August 29 and September 12
Thursday and Friday September 6 and 20

Bulk Pickup

Residents can call in 3cubic yards 4 times per year. Vegetative debris must be cut into 4’ lengths and bundled weighing no more than 35 pounds. Pickups are available September 4-8 and September 18-22 on their regular trash service day. Residents must call Resource Recovery staff at 512-393-8407 to schedule a bulk pick up by noon the day before their bulk pickup. 

Trash day
Bulk Pickup dates
Monday September 4 and 18
Tuesday September 5 and 19
Wednesday September 6 and 20
Thursday September 7 and 21
Friday September 8 and 22

Monthly Brush Drop off

Second Saturday of the month. September 9, October 14, November 11 and December 9. Residents can unload all vegetative debris, including tree trunks and leaves, at 750 River Rd between 8am-1pm. See attached map for Brush Drop Off location.  

Immediate availability
August 29-September 3 8am-7pm
September 4-8 8am-4pm

Fall Community Cleanups

September 9 and October 14- includes bulk items, appliances, household hazardous waste, electronics, and metals. Residents can drop off at 750 River Rd from 8am-1pm. 

Community Connect Beautification Trailer

An enclosed trailer with tools and supplies for yard clean ups. Residents can check it out to help clean multiple residents. Sunset Acres Neighborhood will be checking it out first.
Call 512-393-8419 to reserve the trailer. 

Preparing Materials for Removal

Care should be taken when handling any materials from buildings that are damaged by flood water. Protective clothing and equipment should be worn to avoid skin contact and inhalation (wear mask or bandana) of disturbed material. All debris should be handled in a manner that will minimize exposure to any hazardous materials that could be present in the debris.

Those participating in clean-up activities should ensure they are up-to-date on all vaccinations, particularly tetanus. After a major flood, it is often difficult to maintain good hygiene during cleanup operations. To avoid waterborne disease, it is important to wash your hands with soap and clean, running water, especially before work breaks, meal breaks, and at the end of the work shift.

More information can be found at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.