Youth Programs

Tales on the Trails - November

Tales on the Trails

The City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department, San Marcos Public Library, and Community Action, Inc. are partnering to bring you Tales on the Trails. Each month will feature a different story that you can follow along with as you explore our beautiful parks and natural areas. The first ever Tales on the Trails will be set up at Spring Lake Natural Area during the month of November and will feature "Grow Grateful" by Sage Foster-Lasser and Jon Lasser. As you navigate the trail, follow the story of Kiko as she goes on a camping trip with her class and learns about gratitude. “This story is based on the ‘theory of mind,’ which is the ability to take the perspective of others and recognize that each person has their own thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. Growing gratitude leads to greater happiness and stronger interpersonal relationships.” You and your family are invited to take a self-guided tour starting at the Lime Kiln trailhead of Spring Lake Natural Area. A map of the area can be found here and the entrance is located at 685 Lime Kiln Road. 

Fall 2020 Virtual GP SLOEP Flyer

Virtual Goal:POST and SLOEP for Miller and Goodnight Middle School Students

The City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department and Texas State Recreation Students are partnering again to provide an at-home version of our Goal:POST and SLOEP after school programs. Texas State Recreation Students have created videos of fun activities in three different categories: Outdoor Recreation, Arts & Crafts, and Games. These activity videos are being published on our website on Monday, November 16. We will also be holding a Challenge Card Contest for our SMCISD Middle School students to enter as they participate in the activities. A winner will be picked from each school.

To learn more, watch the introduction video below. Click here to head over to the Virtual SLOEP and Goal:POST videos!

Winter Wonderland Kits

Winter Wonderland Kits
It may not feel like winter outside just yet, but you can turn down the AC and pretend with our Winter Wonderland Kits! These at-home activity kits are designed for two and cost $7.00 per kit. Each will include winter-themed items and activities, such as crafts, snacks, hot chocolate, supplies to build mini gingerbread houses, and a few more items. You can purchase your kit here from November 20-29. Limited contact pick up will be at the Activity Center on Thursday, December 10 from 9 AM-6 PM. Email if you have any questions!