Park Related questions:

Is there a cost to use the park or river? No

Is there a cost to park? No

Is overnight camping allowed? No

Are barbecue pits allowed? Yes, propane only in designated areas.

What are the park hours? Everyday, 6 am-11 pm. Natural Areas are dawn-dusk.

Where do I start tubing at the river? City Park: 170 Charles Austin Dr, San Marcos TX 78666. You can rent tubes from Lions Club Tube Rental or use your own.

Where is a safe location for children to use the river? City Park, 170 Charles Austin Dr, San Marcos TX 78666

Facility Related questions:

Is a facility available? Call the Parks and Recreation Main Office at 512.393.8400 to check availability.

Cost? This is dependent on the facility you choose, the hours you use it for and if you need security or permits.

Alcohol allowed? Yes (with security provided and security cost).

Time allowed in the building? You can set up times when you are reserving the facility. Set up and clean up time must be factored in to your rental times.

Is security needed? Only if alcohol is present or attendance reaches 125 or more.

Is deposit refundable? Yes- If upon inspection by Parks and Recreation staff and all rules are followed according to the rental agreement.

Summer Fun Questions

Can I pay week to week? Yes, but spots are subject to availability. We cannot reserve a spot without payment.

What time is drop off and pick up? Drop off starts promptly at 7:30 am, pick up is until 5:30pm; you can drop off or pick up your child at any time throughout the day wherever the campers are.

Is there a difference in cost if you're a resident versus non-resident? Yes

Is there a calendar for day events, lunch, snacks, etc? Yes, this can be found at Summer Fun starting the first week of camp. You can also pick up a paper copy from your site.

Will lunch be provided? Yes, breakfast and lunch will be provided by SMCISD.

CDBG Scholarship

How do I apply? Visit the Parks and Recreation Department to obtain an application. It can also be found at Youth Activity.

What do I need to bring in? Proof of residency, proof of income, letter from school stating your child receives free or reduced lunch, or proof that someone in the household receives WIC benefits.

What does it cover? Half the cost of the program fee of any Parks and Recreation youth program. The total maximum amount per child is $150 for the Fiscal Year (October 1-Sept 31).