Sessom Bike/Ped and Peques Intersection Improvements

This project improves roadway and pedestrian mobility on Sessom, from N LBJ to Aquarena Springs Drive. 

The scope of the project includes:

  • Installation of a 8’-10’ multi-use sidewalk on the north side of Sessom from N.LBJ to Aquarena Springs
  • Repair sidewalk and driveways on the south side of Sessom, as needed, to bring them into compliance with ADA
  • Extending box culverts in 2 locations in Sessom Creek to allow for the sidewalk installation
  • Reconstruction and realignment of State Street with Peques Street. This includes traffic signals, drainage and sanitary sewer work
  • Installation of a mid-block cross walk with a hybrid pedestrian beacon to allow pedestrians safe crossing. See how it works here
  • Reconstruction of the Pleasant Street/Sessom intersection
  • Replacement of traffic signals at Sessom and Aquarena Springs to make the intersection more pedestrian friendly

Construction started in April of 2017.  The reconstruction and realignment of State Street was completed in the summer. Work continues on the sidewalks. The project is expected to be complete by end of March 2018.