Home Share Rentals

The City of San Marcos City Council recently adopted a new Ordinance on Home Share Rentals.  Ordinance No. 2017-37 establishes rules and registration requirements for Home Share Rentals less than 30 days.  The following amendments were approved with the Ordinance:

  • Add Home Share Rentals as a separate use in the land use matrix.
  • Define Home Share Rentals as the primary use on a property where no individual lives on a permanent basis.
  • Allow Home Share Rentals as a conditional use only in residential areas.
  • Expand the restriction of only one registration being permitted per person.

How Will the Ordinance be enforced?

Enforcement will be primarily based on complaints.  The Director of Neighborhood Services has authority to:

  • Deny renewal of a registration;
  • Suspend a current registration; or
  • Revoke a registration

If the standards of the Home Share Ordinance or any other Federal, State, or Local Law are violated.

Map of Registered Home Share Rentals