Volunteer Opportunities

Join our volunteer team every Tuesday morning or schedule to volunteer another day during the week (see contact info below). Projects include:

Propagation: Come learn how to grow native plants! Tasks include watering, making potting soil, collecting seed and cuttings, upsizing plants and much more.

Trail & Demo Bed Maintenance: No matter what time of year, there’s always work to be done in the gardens. Whether it be weeding the trails, or planting milkweed for monarchs, we need your help.

Pond Maintenance: Duties include removing leaves, cleaning pond pumps so the fish are happy, and tending to the aquatic plants.

Vegetable Garden Maintenance: These vegetables don’t grow themselves! Come help with watering, pest removal, planting etc.

Composting: We’ve recently expanded our composting system to include a variety of methods. Our goal is to compost 100% of our organic matter and you can help!

For more information or to schedule a day to volunteer contact: Conrad at cchappell@sanmarcostx.gov or 512-393-8327