New Vendors

 The Purchasing & Contracting Division has developed this section to inform vendors of our organizational structure and the procedures we must follow when purchasing goods & services for the City of San Marcos. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about registering your agency as a valued Vendor with the City of San Marcos. We request that all documentation pertaining to updating your vendor files or new vendor registration be sent to the email indicated below: 

Purchasing & Contracting Division

Vendor Registration

Email |

Phone | 512.393.8170

| Tax Documentation | W-9

The purpose of the IRS issued W-9 form is to obtain information from vendors/payees used by the City of San Marcos to report payments on a 1099 form. Depending on the vendor's company formation, the vendor will either provide a SSN or an EIN. We ask our vendors to submit a new updated W-9 each year. Note: The City cannot complete the set-up or make a change to the vendor file without a fully completed W-9. The W-9 tax form is also used to verify authenticity of the company and to ensure eligibility to provide goods or services to the City of San Marcos.  

| Vendor Information Questionnaire | VQ Form

A vendor must submit a completed questionnaire to the Purchasing & Contracting Division upon registration.  

| Direct Deposit | Email Finance

The City of San Marcos offers direct deposit in order to streamline the payment of goods and services. For more information, email the Finance Department. For immediate assistance, please call 512.393.8170

| Upcoming News |

The Purchasing & Contracting Division is preparing to launch a new Vendor Self Service Registration portal. VSS will provide vendors with web-based access to information stored in the City's database. Vendors will be able to enter and maintain their contact and remittance information. The VSS will be available for vendors to access the information regarding 1099 data, purchase orders, invoices, contracts, bids, and remittance history.