Facts about Mulch

Mulch is a protective layer of material that is spread around plants, trees, and bushes in the yard and garden.  It can be made of either organic or inorganic materials. 

Some Major Benefits

  • protection from heat, cold, and drought conditions
  • reduced watering frequency (water conservation equals lower water bills!)
  • better weed control
  • less soil erosion
  • enriched soil from organic mulch decay


Organic Mulch Materials

  • chipped brush, tree limbs, bark
  • grass clippings, straw, leaves, pine needles
  • sawdust
  • newspaper

Inorganic Mulch Materials

  • rocks and gravel
  • plastic sheeting
  • rubber pellets

Want more information?

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Picture of mulch
mulch in landscape