Hopkins Street Improvements - July 2020

  • Construction continues on Phase 1 (Scott St to Johnson Ave).
  • Crews will be installing storm sewer, water and wastewater lines throughout the month of July
  • Phase 2 (Johnson Ave. to Bishop) is currently expected to begin at the end of October
  • Proposed improvements can be found here


Hopkins Street is a major roadway and over 14,000 vehicle trips a day use this section of the road.  The Hopkins Project Traffic Control Plan detours thru traffic at either end of the project limits (Bishop and Moore Streets) to Craddock.  This route was selected due to capacity of these roadways to handle the amount of traffic displaced by construction.  Within the project limits there will be phased detour of localized traffic around active construction areas. 

When the detour route for the project was first implemented there was a significant increase in traffic on Belvin and San Antonio Streets.  Additional signage was then installed to minimize cut-through traffic and keep drivers on the posted detour route. 

Due to drivers’ knowledge of local streets or using wayfinding apps, motorists are still not following the posted detour, choosing to use local streets to bypass the road closure. 

City staff is aware construction has generated increased traffic on all other streets in the Heritage Neighborhood.  With any project requiring closure of a heavily traveled roadway, changes to the traffic control plan are to be expected given real-world experience once the plan is in place.

Staff will continue to monitor traffic patterns and will make further adjustments as warranted.  The goal at this time is to ensure safe and efficient travel around the project site, regardless of the path a driver takes.


  • W. Hopkins Street is a major thoroughfare with 14,000+ traffic trips a day
  • Due to road planning decisions made decades ago, there is not a parallel major arterial for a convenient nearby detour route
  • Not all drivers are following the posted detour to Craddock Avenue
  • Local adjacent streets, even with road closed signs, must be kept open for local public access and City service providers
  • Most adjacent streets are experiencing increases in traffic