About the Project

  • Reconstruction of Hopkins Street from Bishop to Moore Street. Includes traffic calming design with reduced roadway section and three raised intersections. 
  • Water and wastewater lines will be replaced. Drainage is a key component to the project where no infrastructure exists. 
  • Storm inlets will be installed throughout the project tying into the Travis Drainage Outfall Project
  • Proposed improvements can be found here

The Hopkins Street Improvements from Bishop to Moore Streets will replace existing water and wastewater infrastructure, add a drainage system to improve storm water runoff, and reconstruct the street with curbs and sidewalks.

Improvement rendering of street scene

Design Process

The City of San Marcos designed the reconstruction of Hopkins Street between Moore and Bishop Streets, and identified ways to improve drainage in the neighborhood.


A "Complete Street" approach is being used in the design of Hopkins Street, with considerations to:

  • Existing heritage trees
  • Pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Streetscape and gateway elements to enhance the historic neighborhood
  • Traffic calming
  • Utility considerations


Drainage in the neighborhood was analyzed to determine needed upgrades in the system.