Kingwood and Sherwood Improvements


Kingwood Street and Sherwood Drive is located in southwest San Marcos, connects to Interstate Highway 35 (IH 35) frontage road and are within the Willow Springs Creek watershed.   The City is proposing to reconstruct both streets including upgrading the existing water and wastewater systems, and adding a new street drainage system.  The project also includes evaluating new sidewalks and stormwater quality treatment facilities.

The project is being conducted in following three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)
  • Phase 2 – Design and Construction Documents   
  • Phase 3 – Construction


During the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) phase, an assessment of existing drainage, water, wastewater, and roadway pavements along Kingwood and Sherwood was conducted and improvements were recommended, as summarized as follows.

  1. Drainage Improvements
    1. Alternative 1 – new street storm drain improvements (reinforced concrete pipes, curb inlets and box culverts) and no new open channel for offsite drainage diversion.
    2. Alternative 2 – new street storm drain improvements and a new open channel to convey offsite drainage diversion.
  2. Water System Improvements
    1. Alternative 1 – replace existing water system with new water pipes and fire hydrants.
    2. Alternative 2 – similar to Alternative 1 and adding a loop (connection) at the west end of Sherwood.
    3. Alternative 3 – similar to Alternative 2 and adding a loop at the intersection of Sherwood and Westfield Street. 
  3. Wastewater System Improvements
    1. Replace existing wastewater system with new pipes and manholes.
  4. Street Improvements
    1. Reconstruction of pavement
    2. Kingwood Street - 26 feet wide
    3. Sherwood Drive - 30 feet wide
    4. New cul-de-sac at the end of Kingwood
    5. New curb and gutters
    6. Reconstruct or new driveways
  5. Sidewalks
    1. New 4-foot wide sidewalks on Sherwood
    2. No sidewalk on Kingwood, due to limited right-of-way width
  6. Stormwater Quality Treatment Facilities
    1. New rain garden at the end of Sherwood
    2. New water quality treatment structures in proposed storm drain systems
  7. Preliminary Opinion of Probable Construction Costs
    1. Dependent on alternative combinations, construction costs range from $5.2 to $5.6 million.


We are currently evaluating PER recommendations to determine the following:

  • Which improvement alternatives will be selected to be designed and constructed
  • Identify funding to construct improvements


Construction will start after the completion of Phase 2 – Design and Construction Documents.


Phase 1 – Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)

February 2020 - Authorized

October 2020 - Completed

Phase 2 - Design & Construction Documents

Summer 2021 (Anticipated to start)

 Phase 3 - Construction

 Spring 2023 (Anticipated to start)

 For more information on this, or any City project, email Engineering Information.

Schedule and Budget

Construction start - Early 2023

Design - $400,000

Construction - $2,500,000

Kingwood Sherwood Location Map