Important Information and Press Releases

City of San Marcos Press Releases

  1. March 3, 2021 COSM News: City Reopens Facilities to the Public, Masks Required
  2. September 11 COSM News: City to Reopen Parks, River Access & Facilities on Sept. 16
  3. June 19 COSM News: Park Closure Order
  4. June 16 COSM News: Temporary COVID Testing Site Numbers Tests Over 700
  5. COSM NEWS Transit Resumes Services with Masks
  6. COSM NEWS: Free COVID Testing
  7. May 20 COSM NEWS: City Parks to Reopen
  8. April 29 COSM NEWS: Reopen Texas Phase 1
  9. April 29 COSM NEWS: City to Resume Clean Ups
  10. April 24 COSM NEWS: Video Inspections
  11. April 22 COSM NEWS: Park Closure Order and Health Advisory 2
  12. April 21 COSM NEWS: COVID19 Dashboard Update
  13. April 15 COSM NEWS: Airport Funding via CARES Act
  14. April 14 COSM NEWS: City Program Success
  15. April 9 COSM NEWS: Municipal Court Covid-19
  16. April 8 COSM NEWS: Sanitizer Stations
  17. April 3 COSM NEWS: City Offers Virtual Meetings and Public Comments
  18. April 3 COSM NEWS: Transit Funding via CARES Act
  19. April 1 COSM NEWS: Continuance of Operations During COVID19
  20. March 27 COSM NEWS Updates: Food Bank, Utilities, Senior Wellness Checks
  21. March 26 COSM NEWS WIC Innovates to Safely Serve Area Families
  22. March 25 COSM NEWS Hays County issues Stay at Home Order
  23. March 25 COSM NEWS Transit Changes
  24. March 24 COSM NEWS City Closing River Parks due to COVID-19
  25. March 23 COSM NEWS City to close playscapes, dog park and skate park due to COVID-19
  26. March 23 COSM NEWS Hays County COVID Hotline
  27. March 19 COSM NEWS City to Close Lobbies and Counters to Public
  28. March 18 COSM NEWS City Clarifies Order Restrictions on Restaurants & Bars
  29. March 17 COSM News Release Mayor Updates COVID-19 Order
  30. March 15 Disaster Declaration from Mayor Hughson
  31. March 16 COSM Press Release: Mayor Signs Order
  32. March 5 CoSM Press Release: City and Regional Partners Coordinate Coronavirus and Flu Precautions
  33. March 13 CoSM Press Release: City & Regional Partners Remain Vigilant about COVID-19
  34. March 14 CoSM Press Release: Press Conference with Hays County, Disaster Declaration Planned