Briarwood and River Ridge Drainage and Waterline - 325 

Project Name: Briarwood and River Ridge Drainage and Waterline

Project Number: 325

Project Manager: Rey Garcia

Current Design Phase: 60%

Construction Estimate: $3,250,000

Construction Start Year: 2022

Project Information: Replace existing 2 inch waterline along the perimeter of the subdivision with an 8 inch main in the roadway. The purpose is to provide enhanced hydraulics to the overall water supply system as well as fire protection. Drainage improvements are also included from an existing railroad trestle to a new channel and storm sewer system along the east side of the subdivision southward to a proposed detention/water quality pond adjacent to the Hilton Garden Inn. Inlet and storm sewer additions are also proposed adjacent to the Village of Telluride Apartments that also drain into the new detention/water quality pond.

Briarwood Improvements Exhibit