SMTX Hometown Holiday Parade

shoebox parade logo with branch

The 2021 SMTX Hometown Holiday Parade is dedicated to promoting community engagement, holiday spirit, and shopping local in the great city of San Marcos.

The 2021 SMTX Hometown Holiday Shoebox Parade video will be released on Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 2 pm on the SMTX Community Services Facebook page, Downtown San Marcos Facebook page, City of San Marcos Facebook page, City of San Marcos YouTube channel, and on the City's cable channels on Spectrum (Channel 10) and Grande Communications (Channel 123-16).

I-Spy Scavenger Hunt

Info coming soon!

Who Can Enter?

Individuals, children, families, businesses, civic organizations, and non-profits are all invited to participate.

How to Enter

  1. Decorate a shoebox with your chosen theme, following the rules and guidelines listed below.
  2. Complete the online entry form. There is no cost to participate. The written description will assist in creating the announcer’s script for the virtual parade. No late entries will be accepted.
  3. Entries may be dropped off at the San Marcos Activity Center (501 E Hopkins) from November 8-10, 6 am - 7 pm.

General Rules

  1. The Parade Committee reserves the right to reject any entry and/or description that is not in good taste, inappropriate, or not in the best interest of the parade. Entries must be family-friendly.
  2. No political candidacy signs or images. Current offices held may be identified. No “vote for”, “elect”, or “support” signs allowed.
  3. If you want to keep your float entry, it must be picked up from the San Marcos Activity Center from November 29-30 between 6 am & 7 pm.

Shoebox Float Guidelines

  • Grab a "shoebox" or something similarly inspiring - Start with a base like a small box from a recent online order delivery, an old shoebox, a small crate, a tub, or a container of choice no larger than 12”x 9”x 5” for the base, and final product must be no taller than 12 inches. It doesn't have to roll, it just needs to be able to be “pulled” by string for the parade video. Floats will be viewed from the front passenger side, please decorate accordingly. Check out the Facebook link below to get a better idea of the parade floats will move across the screen.
  • Find your materials - Entries can be made from things you already have at home. You could use flowers from your yard, craft supplies, construction paper, dolls/action figures, paper mache, clay, paint, markers, sequins, seeds, or anything else you can find to bring your float to life! 
  • Descriptions will be used to create the parade commentary for the announcers.
  • Inspiration can be found by viewing last year's parade on Facebook and this link on YouTube

Have questions? Email Jennifer Mach.