Commercial Waste

All commercial businesses must use a permitted commercial hauler to transport solid waste within the San Marcos city limits.

For home renovation projects, residents must select an approved hauler for construction or demolition-related debris from the list of approved solid waste haulers.

Permitted Solid Waste Haulers

Hazardous Waste Disposal for Businesses

  1. city ORDINANCE


The purposes of the above ordinance created in 2020:

  • To establish minimum standards for commercial solid waste collection and transport activities in the City, in order to ensure orderly operations and to minimize adverse impacts on the public; and
  • To provide for compensation to the City for wear and tear on city streets resulting from commercial solid waste collection and transport in the City.
  1. forms required for permit

If you are a commercial solid waste provider and are not permitted with the City, here are the forms you need to apply for and maintain a permit: