Block Party Trailer

Neighborhood Block Party Trailer

Opportunities for neighbors to interact and get to know one another are becoming few and far between in today's on-the-go atmosphere.  The city's new Neighborhood Block Party trailer allows neighborhoods like yours to host a fun, easy event to bring neighbors together.  

The Block Party trailer is available to reserve year-round, free of charge, for residents of incorporated San Marcos (sorry, no ETJ use at this time). The Neighborhood Block Party Trailer program will launch on September 20, 2021 so make your reservation today! 

Items included in the Trailer are 6 Tables, 30 Chairs, an Ice Chest, and assorted games--all you need to have a small block party in your neighborhood and get to know your neighbors better, except the food, people, and fun! The trailer will be delivered and picked up by City staff. The user of the Block Party Trailer assumes responsibility for the trailer and its contents from the time they receive the trailer until it is picked up by city staff.  An inventory will be taken when the trailer is returned. Please notify the city of anything that is missing or damaged.

If you plan to close your street for the block party, you will be required to complete a block party road closure permit application a minimum of 15 days prior to the event. However, you do NOT need to complete a permit application if your event will be held on private property or will not be block the roadway (cars can pass by).  

More Information & Other City Lending Programs

To find out more about either of these kits, email Neighborhood Enhancement today or make your reservation below.

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