Incentives for new and existing business

The City of San Marcos (the City) encourages and supports high quality new business development and the expansion of its business community through retention, expansion, and recruitment endeavors. San Marcos is a complete community of diverse and inclusive neighborhoods that protects and celebrates the river and the City’s other rich natural and historical assets; retains its small-town feel, charm, and quality of life; and leverages growth to continue building a sustainable community that benefits existing and new businesses and residents.

The purpose of the Economic Development Incentive Policy is to establish standards and guidelines that will govern the granting of incentives to facilitate economic growth. The City of San Marcos is a vibrant community with a strong workforce pipeline and robust infrastructure network to support business growth, and, as such, financial incentives should not be necessary in most cases. The City encourages the use of incentives only as necessary to fill gaps and support business developments that would otherwise not select San Marcos as the location to locate or expand their operations.

This Policy is designed to promote capital investment and job creation in the City of San Marcos that fill targeted industries and align with community values. This document cannot anticipate every type of project that may seek incentives, and the City of San Marcos reserves the right to evaluate projects on a case-by-case basis if they are in the best interest of the City. Additionally, nothing within this Policy shall imply or suggest that the City of San Marcos is obligated to provide incentives to any applicant.

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