Public Draft Open House - June 2016

Images From the Open House

About the June 30th Code SMTXplained Open House

The Code SMTXplained Open House was a presentation, open house, and opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft of the Land Development Code. Activities included two 30-minute presentations, conversations on highlights from the Draft Code at informational stations, one-on-one conversations with staff, and the opportunity to conduct a survey questionnaire.

For questions or additional information, please email the Planning and Development Services Department, or call 512-393-8230.

Open House Information Boards

Presented are downloadable documents of the informational boards that were displayed during the Open House. These boards provide highlights and information on big ideas within the Draft Code and can also be used as a reference within the Online Survey.
  1. Table of Contents (PDF)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  3. Overview of Zoning (PDF)
  4. Use Regulations - ADUs, CUPs, STRs (PDF)
  5. Building Types (PDF)
  6. Neighborhood Districts (PDF)
  7. New Character Districts (PDF)
  8. From PDDs Planning Areas (PDF)
  9. Commercial Centers and Corridors (PDF)
  10. Parking Location and Design (PDF)
  11. Transitions and Buffers (PDF)
  12. Parkland and Greenways (PDF)
  13. Tree Ordinance (PDF)
  14. Environmental - Rivers and Waterways (PDF)
  15. Sessom Creek and San Marcos River Corridor Overlays (PDF)
  16. Transportation - Streets and Blocks (PDF)