Placement of Bags & Containers For Collection: Section 66.031

Bags and containers shall placed for collection between 9 p.m. the night preceding collection day and 7 a.m. of collection day and shall be placed as close to the roadway as practicable without interfering with vehicles or pedestrians.

Bulky waste, construction debris and yard waste shall be placed for collection only after the city has been notified of the need for special collection. Yard waste must be securely tied together in bundles not exceeding four feet in length or 50 pounds in weight. Emptied containers shall be removed to a location at the side or rear of a building on the premises by 9 p.m. of collection day.


  • Plan your clean-up for the weekend before bulk collection in your area
  • Bulk collection is the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month, first trash collection day of that week
  • Call 393-8026 to schedule pick up