Where are the new neighborhood zoning districts located?

No properties in the City will be zoned Neighborhood Districts until a property owner or the neighborhood requests a re-zoning and completes a new, more rigorous rezoning process.  For more information about how the zoning process has changed click here.

Property owner requested zoning changes to neighborhood districts are appropriate in the following types of locations:

  • The property is not currently zoned single family.
  • The property is zoned single family but is in an area surrounded by different types of uses and the request is compatible with the surrounding

City initiated rezoning to neighborhood districts may take place after the completion of neighborhood studies if desired by the affected community.

In all cases designating a property as a neighborhood district will require a formal rezoning process where: 

  • Notice is provided to all property owners within 400 feet, 
  • A notice of application is available to any community member that requests it,
  • A neighborhood meeting is held, 
  • Two public hearings are held, and
  • The City Council elects to rezone the property.

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2. Where are the new neighborhood zoning districts located?
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