Where are the No Ride Zones?

There are several No Ride Zones and Slow Ride Zones around the city. Scooters and bikes will not be allowed to be ridden to the river or along river trails. Most of the downtown San Marcos area will start out as Slow Ride Zone. Some additional No Ride and Slow Ride Zones are viewable in the Spin App – which is the best place to view up-to-date geofencing.

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1. When did the program launch?
2. How did the City pick SPIN?
3. Will scooters and bikes be deployed at TXST and in San Marcos?
4. How much will it cost to ride a Spin scooter or bike?
5. What do I do if I want to report an improperly parked scooter?
6. How fast will the scooters go?
7. Where are the No Ride Zones?
8. What will happen if I ride into a No Ride Zone?
9. The City Council voted to ban commercial scooter companies from San Marcos, how is this program possible?
10. What is Spin?