Do you offer any special billing programs?

Yes, we do offer Budget Billing. This program is a monthly set amount based on previous 12-month bill history. Failure to maintain a good payment history will result in removal from the program. Reconciles annually during the month of April at which time you will either need to pay the total variance due or determine what to do should you have a credit. An application can be found online or in one of our two offices.

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1. How are utilities billed?
2. How do I start, move or stop my utility services?
3. What options do I have to pay for my utility services?
4. How is my due date determined, and can I change my due date?
5. What can I do if I have a question about my utility bill?
6. I am temporarily leaving; do I still need to pay my utility bill?
7. Does the City issue an adjustment for leaks?
8. What if I know I won't be able to pay my bill on time?
9. Do you offer any special billing programs?
10. What do I need to connect my utilities?
11. How much will the deposit be to connect my utilities?
12. Why is my deposit so much?
13. Will I get my deposit back?
14. Do you have auto pay?
15. Can I have my bill emailed to me?
16. Am I able to view my usage online?