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Event Application

  1. Organization and project information
  2. Project manager information
  3. Is your organization a 501c3?*
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Your organization must be a 501c3 to be eligible for grants.
  4. Is this a community event?
    A community event is a reoccurring or first-time event that provides significant benefit to the community, and is open to all members of the public.
  5. Is this a mass gathering (large scale event?)
    Mass gatherings are events that anticipate more than 5,000 attendees. They require special approval from the City Manager's Office.
  6. Food and alcohol permits
    Please check the appropriate boxes if you are offering food and/or alcohol. NOTE: Special permits are required.
  7. Past funding
  8. Have you received funds or in-kind assistance from the City for this event in the past?
    NOTE: Events may only receive assistance from the City once per year.
  9. Upload the budget for your event (if this is the first year of your event, upload your projected budget).
  10. Upload the previous two years' event budgets (if applicable).
  11. Tourism impact
    If no tourism impact is expected, put 0 or NA
  12. Parking and emergency plans
  13. Grant request
    NOTE: TOTAL VALUE of monetary and in-kind support from the City must not exceed 30 percent of the total budget of the event.
  14. Upload a full list of sponsors with pending and confirmed amounts
  15. If you've received a grant from the Arts Commission's Arts and Cultural Grants program for this event, enter the award amount.
  16. Acknowledgement
  17. Leave This Blank:

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