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Commemorative Tree, Bench, & Plaque Application

  1. If you are interested in purchasing a commemorative tree or bench, please complete and submit the following application. A representative will contact you within 5-7 business days to collect payment over the phone.

  2. Applicant Information
  3. Please choose which option you would like to purchase. Please note that prices are subject to change based upon market fluctuations.*
  4. Commemorative Tree and Bench Plaque Dedication Information

    The solid bronze plaque is 4 x 6 inches and is 1/4 inch thick. It may have up to 4 lines of text with 14 characters per line. Only complete this section if you are purchasing a commemorative tree, commemorative bench, or cemetery chapel bench.

  5. Serenity Garden & Cemetery Chapel Podium Plaque Information

    Serenity Garden and Cemetery Chapel Podium Plaque inscription includes name, date of birth, and date of death. Only complete this section if you are purchasing a Serenity Garden or Cemetery Chapel Podium Plaque.

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